Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Buttons (again) and Snowmen

Ok, it's been an while since updating online, but I have been busy crafting... and also busy returning to work from my maternity leave. This has left me with less time to blog. Here is a quick update on some of the more recent cards I've made, including the Christmas cards (which have not all been sent out yet, but hopefully this won't ruin the surprise).

We've got more button flowers....

It's a slight addiction.

And now adding ribbon as an accent is my new favourite embellishment.

So of course when it came time to design the Christmas cards this year, I had to follow suit! Ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon! I simply adore the snowman stamp from Stampin' Up's "Mr. Twigster" set!

And now it's off to finish up some sock/glove animals!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Colder Weather = Knitting Season!

It is true, my crafting tendencies are strongly influenced by the seasons. Knitting is for colder weather. Possibly this is due to my amateur-ism when it comes to knitting. I'm still at the scarf/sometimes hat level, and it is hard to want to knit scarves when wearing shorts!

I have completed a couple of knitting projects this season, and have another on the go. Here is my most recent completion; a commissioned project from The Husband. I call it "THE MAN SCARF". Also the first time I have ever changed yarns mid-project (did I mention I am an amateur?).

First project of the season completed was a cute little baby hat (pattern found in Debbie Stoller's "Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook). I love this pattern - even more fun with varigated yarn (makes it look much more advanced!). It is photographed with another hat I finished at the end of last season in the same yarn. This pattern was also in the same book, but I veered slightly when my needles got flipped close to the top of the hat and it was purled instead of knit. However, I actually really like how it turned out, so I guess I kind of created a new pattern! Yeah for me!

And currently on the needles....

Another scarf, of course! With a ball of crazy whirly yarn I found in the bargain bin. In other craft news, I have been busy with stamping and sewing... I will try and post soon!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Little Pumpkin Patch

I cheated this Halloween. I bought costumes for the kids. It was my husband's idea and I'm glad he encouraged it because I did not really have the time to make them! However, we did get slightly crafty with our pumpkins this year! Nothing spectacular, but given we spent no time preparing or "researching", I'm proud of what we came up with!

Luke still has a fairly short attention span for crafty things, but I loved his painted pumpkin! Daddy helped make it SPOOKY by carving a basic face first.

My husband stuck to carving, but added a cute bat to the top (which was the cut-out of the mouth on above pumpkin!). Much more creative than he thinks he is!

For mine, I went with a simple embellishment... yarn! Gotta love it!

And here are our home-made kids in not-so-homemade costumes. (Side note: the super-cute pumpkin treat bag was a "purchased" gift from Nana. I might have to make some next year, though - made from thick felt!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Unveiled

I can finally share with you my most recent project because the wedding was on Saturday. My youngest brother got married, and I was able to help by making his bride's veil. After searching endlessly in Canada to locate French Veiling material, I finally had my mom look (currently living in the USA). She found it within hours of looking.

My instructions included "birdcage style veil", ivory french veiling, and a couple of photos of veils she'd seen and liked. In the end, this is what we came up with:

The decorative comb was purchased by the bride, and the veil was to somehow incorporate it. It was gorgeous and really pulled everything together well! If we had more time, I would have loved to try my hand at decorating a comb too - they are obscenely expensive (don't tell the bride I said that - wink, wink).

With the veil off-centered, it gave her a classic, yet flirty look. She pulled it off with style and grace.
The birdcage veil looked stunning on her and really suited her dress.

Wishing you two a Happily Ever After!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Buttons and Butterflies

After a few crafty flops, I went back to the old standby - cards. I love choosing just the right paper and how each card ends up being so unique. My latest obsession has been button flowers. The flower stamp is from the Stampin' Up "Nice and Narrow" set - stamped the stem only in varying lengths and topped with my favourite buttons.

I got a bit ambitious this time and made a whole bunch at once, so the cards were made in a few stages. Button flowers first, then matching cardstock and patterned paper, and finally adding butterfly and message accents. Most of these will be used as "thank you" cards.

The butterfly punch is from the Martha Stewart line and I absolutely love it! Again, obsessed. The "Thank You" and "so grateful" message stamps are also from Stampin' Up sets. Here are a few of my favourite cards - either because I love the overall look, or I love the buttons! I think I am well stocked in cards for a while.

Friday, September 05, 2008

In Reverse

Well, since I have a number of craft projects started, but nothing completed as of late, I have decided to post a previous project -- completed earlier this summer. It was my first "mommy made" dress for Madilyn. I wanted something simple that would whip up fairly quickly so that I could get that good-all-over feeling of accomplishment quickly. Who really likes to delay gratification?

Here is the dress - New Look Pattern #6576. Of course I modified (left off the applique, and did some top-stitching to dress it up a bit).

The plan was to make this dress for the first time by following the pattern, and then if I was satisfied with the fit/results, to modify it by making it reversible the next time. I am satisfied, but have not made it again. I will likely make it for next summer -- or possibly a winter jumper. Right now there are too many other projects in line ahead of it.

Once you have a new dress, new shoes are a MUST! So using this free pattern from Stardust Shoes, I used pink felt, the polka dot cotton, and fleece for the inner sole - et voila. I do not recommend using felt for the sole - very quick to pill and look messy.

After a few modelling lessons on how to keep your face serious during photo shoots (ha ha ha), here is the ensemble on my fave model.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Wandering Waif Collection Giveaway on Grosgrain blog - check it out.

Just happened upon this site today for the first time and LOVE her work! Thought I'd pass it along.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Everything old is new again....

I'm finally taking the time to post my most recent project, which I am quite proud of. I have been quite anxious to attempt the Kimono pattern posted by Habitual, and have finally done just that! I am quite pleased with the results and cannot wait to make more!

Of course I didn't want to stop there. I needed to complete "the look" and went on the hunt for an idea. After stumbling upon our "old clothing" pile, I dug through and found a shirt my husband no longer wears and has decided to clear out.

The shirt, however, is a favourite of mine and has hardly been worn. Lucky for me, the material was the perfect match to the Kimono shirt. So I quickly whipped up a simply elastic waist skirt for the babe. This was done easily by cutting and using the bottom of the shirt (so that the shirt bottom became the skirt bottom). I sewed the "button up" part of the shirt together and got rid of that evidence - and made that the back of the skirt. A quick flower applique made the outfit complete and made me happy just to look at it.

And doesn't she look sweet in it?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

craft blog

I have decided, after being inspired over the past month or so by various craft blogs, to make this my own craft blog. I have no idea what it will turn into, but for now it will be a place to log my crafty side.

After Madilyn turned 6 months old last month, I realized my Maternity Leave was half over and I'd better get cracking on all the "projects" I want to get done before I have to return to work. So far, I have been quite busy. I will have to post photos and links later, but suffice it to say I have completed at least 6 "crafty projects" and have a list that is getting longer of projects I want to do.