Friday, September 05, 2008

In Reverse

Well, since I have a number of craft projects started, but nothing completed as of late, I have decided to post a previous project -- completed earlier this summer. It was my first "mommy made" dress for Madilyn. I wanted something simple that would whip up fairly quickly so that I could get that good-all-over feeling of accomplishment quickly. Who really likes to delay gratification?

Here is the dress - New Look Pattern #6576. Of course I modified (left off the applique, and did some top-stitching to dress it up a bit).

The plan was to make this dress for the first time by following the pattern, and then if I was satisfied with the fit/results, to modify it by making it reversible the next time. I am satisfied, but have not made it again. I will likely make it for next summer -- or possibly a winter jumper. Right now there are too many other projects in line ahead of it.

Once you have a new dress, new shoes are a MUST! So using this free pattern from Stardust Shoes, I used pink felt, the polka dot cotton, and fleece for the inner sole - et voila. I do not recommend using felt for the sole - very quick to pill and look messy.

After a few modelling lessons on how to keep your face serious during photo shoots (ha ha ha), here is the ensemble on my fave model.


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS! You *almost* make me want to try my hand at this stuff. I'll stick to beads for now. ;)

Bea said...

Your blog is so PRETTY! And that photo of Madilyn is just adorable.