Thursday, September 18, 2008

Buttons and Butterflies

After a few crafty flops, I went back to the old standby - cards. I love choosing just the right paper and how each card ends up being so unique. My latest obsession has been button flowers. The flower stamp is from the Stampin' Up "Nice and Narrow" set - stamped the stem only in varying lengths and topped with my favourite buttons.

I got a bit ambitious this time and made a whole bunch at once, so the cards were made in a few stages. Button flowers first, then matching cardstock and patterned paper, and finally adding butterfly and message accents. Most of these will be used as "thank you" cards.

The butterfly punch is from the Martha Stewart line and I absolutely love it! Again, obsessed. The "Thank You" and "so grateful" message stamps are also from Stampin' Up sets. Here are a few of my favourite cards - either because I love the overall look, or I love the buttons! I think I am well stocked in cards for a while.

Friday, September 05, 2008

In Reverse

Well, since I have a number of craft projects started, but nothing completed as of late, I have decided to post a previous project -- completed earlier this summer. It was my first "mommy made" dress for Madilyn. I wanted something simple that would whip up fairly quickly so that I could get that good-all-over feeling of accomplishment quickly. Who really likes to delay gratification?

Here is the dress - New Look Pattern #6576. Of course I modified (left off the applique, and did some top-stitching to dress it up a bit).

The plan was to make this dress for the first time by following the pattern, and then if I was satisfied with the fit/results, to modify it by making it reversible the next time. I am satisfied, but have not made it again. I will likely make it for next summer -- or possibly a winter jumper. Right now there are too many other projects in line ahead of it.

Once you have a new dress, new shoes are a MUST! So using this free pattern from Stardust Shoes, I used pink felt, the polka dot cotton, and fleece for the inner sole - et voila. I do not recommend using felt for the sole - very quick to pill and look messy.

After a few modelling lessons on how to keep your face serious during photo shoots (ha ha ha), here is the ensemble on my fave model.