Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Little Pumpkin Patch

I cheated this Halloween. I bought costumes for the kids. It was my husband's idea and I'm glad he encouraged it because I did not really have the time to make them! However, we did get slightly crafty with our pumpkins this year! Nothing spectacular, but given we spent no time preparing or "researching", I'm proud of what we came up with!

Luke still has a fairly short attention span for crafty things, but I loved his painted pumpkin! Daddy helped make it SPOOKY by carving a basic face first.

My husband stuck to carving, but added a cute bat to the top (which was the cut-out of the mouth on above pumpkin!). Much more creative than he thinks he is!

For mine, I went with a simple embellishment... yarn! Gotta love it!

And here are our home-made kids in not-so-homemade costumes. (Side note: the super-cute pumpkin treat bag was a "purchased" gift from Nana. I might have to make some next year, though - made from thick felt!)

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editionbw said...

It's good to know that my nephew picked the right girl to lend him creativity... I'm very impressed with the mouth from one pumpkin becoming the bat on the other! Way to upcycle!